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Mineral89 On Pack AR
Everything can become a screen if you want it to.
The Experience.

Have you heard? AR is the next big thing in retail. Next? Been there, done that for L’Oreal and Vichy’s Mineral89. Our 3D design team created an exact replica of the product, allowing for an unboxing experience right in the store, by simply scanning the box, without the need to open the packaging. After scanning the pack, the bottle of the product appears along with 3 options: Request a Free sample, watch a video or learn more about the product, all happening on the product pack itself!

Everything can be a screen, yes- If you let the pros handle it 😉

The Features.
Headline - Vichy | Mineral89 On Pack AR - Icon 01

Activation at more than 3,000 retail spots all around Greece

Headline - Vichy | Mineral89 On Pack AR - Icon 02

No Promo team required!

Headline - Vichy | Mineral89 On Pack AR - Icon 03

Full- scale 360 campaign with TV placements, trains, metro stations and digital media, all amplifying the AR experience

The Results.
  • The first Industry-pioneering retail pharmacy AR experience in Greece
  • More than 1,000 triggers scanned on various locations
  • More than 300 satisfied retail customers lived the experience
  • More than 100 free samples of the product ordered online